Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Trafficking

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5 Ways Safe Harbor Laws Support Young Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation
Thirty-four states have adopted laws that decriminalize youth arrested for prostitution and provide services to help them heal.

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What Promotes Resilience Among Female Survivors of Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking?
Survivors share their stories and motivation for leaving their traffickers.

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In Boston, Exploited Youth Connect with Survivor-Mentors to Build Trust, Community
My Life My Choice teams youth and adults with shared experiences to promote healthy, healing relationships.

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Top NCFY Content of 2015
See which articles were most popular in 2015.

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Working with Homeless Youth Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence
Learn how to build trust and strengthen relationships with youth with histories of sexual trauma.

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NCFY Reads: ‘Sex Trafficking Prevention: A Trauma-Informed Approach for Parents and Professionals’
An anti-trafficking advocate and survivor shares her personal experience and what it takes to identify and support trafficked young people.

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New Partners in the Fight Against Trafficking
From youth workers who are themselves former victims to mobile awareness campaigns and online tools, this is what anti-trafficking work looks like at a pivotal moment.

A man watches the Freedom Drivers video against trafficking.

Slideshow: Taking Trafficking Out of the Shadows
The Freedom Drivers Project, a mobile exhibit of trafficking statistics and personal effects from survivors, spreads awareness of the human cost of commercial sexual exploitation.

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Webinar Series on Human Trafficking
Learn how to serve victims better by collaborating with others in your community and strengthening your organization's ability to address trafficking.

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Federal Strategic Action Plan on Services for Victims of Human Trafficking Status Update Released
Learn about progress made so far by federal partners, including the Administration for Children and Families and the Family and Youth Services Bureau.


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