Permanent Connections

A young woman and her mentor playing guitar

6 Ways to Celebrate National Mentoring Month in January
It takes just one mentor to change a young person’s life.

A young woman stands in front of a newly painted mural.

Primary Sources: How Social Connections Benefit Homeless Youth
A new study finds a clear relationship between a homeless young person's "social connectedness," self-esteem and resiliency.

Two young people stand in front of their new home.

Five Tips for Taking a 'Housing-First' Approach
Advice for runaway and homeless youth programs.

Ecomap displays government and community resources the participant and his or her family use, including informal and formal organizations

Q&A: Ryan Shanahan of VERA Institute on 'Ecomapping'
One way to draw on young people's strengths and supports is to literally draw them.

Nikkya Martin

Community Mapping Connects Youth to Their Neighborhoods
The nonprofit organization buildOn uses "community mapping" to familiarize young people with their neighbors and inspire them to help.

Three homeless teens sit in a playground.

Primary Sources: How Do Homeless Youth Decide What's Safe?
A researcher followed 18 homeless youth for several years to uncover what influences their decision making.

A smiling young woman.

'Don't Call Them Dropouts'
A report from America's Promise Alliance asks why young people leave high school and what might bring them back.

African-American teacher and student smiling.

Primary Sources: Does Having Teachers of Their Own Race Help Students Avoid Pregnancy?
Researchers investigated by interviewing Georgia educators and analyzing teen pregnancy rates in the state.

Photograph of a young man reading papers on a clipboard.

The Intern Chronicles: A Young Man's On-the-Job Training, Part 1
Meet Craig, aspiring comedian and resident-turned-intern at Sea Haven for Youth, a runaway and homeless youth program in North Myrtle Beach, SC. In a three-part series, NCFY is following Craig's experience working for Sea Haven. We're also offering tips on how youth programs can help young people succeed as interns.

A Latino father outdoors with his son.

Q&A: Helping Dads See Their Positive Impact on Teens' Sexual Health
New York University Professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos and his colleagues have set out to learn more about the impact fathers have on their children’s sexual health.


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