Positive Youth Development

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Primary Sources: Ensuring That Learning Goes On When School’s Out
Research shows that providing expanded learning opportunities, or ELOs, for older youth in the out-of-school hours may make adolescents more likely to go to school, finish their homework, do well on standardized test scores, and have good study habits and high motivation.

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Primary Sources: Thinking Positive in More Ways Than One
 New research is showing that Positive Youth Development activities are better together and when combined with other strength-building approaches.

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Bright Idea: Business Models
 Groups that teach business and entrepreneurship to youth use role models as a key component of their programs.  

Photograph of a young woman with one of her mentors.

Bright Idea: Sometimes Six Mentors Are Better Than One
 When Annette Klinefelter sat down to design a mentoring program for girls in Portland, Oregon, the professional women who would serve as the program’s mentors had a few minor stipulations.

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New Year, New Look at Positive Youth Development
We asked longstanding experts in the field—advocates, practitioners, researchers and educators—to reflect on the current state of PYD policy and practice and to provide insight on how we can continue to move forward. Here's what they told us.

Photograph of young volunteers.

Youth Speak Out: The Power of Service
A group of young volunteers explain what inspired them to give back to their communities.

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Youth Speak Out: 'I’d Rather Be Here Than at the Pool'
NCFY talks to an adolescent girl about her life and her experiences in a summer program for at-risk youth.

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Youth Speak Out: Leading the Way
NCFY talks to two young people about how youth leadership has challenged and inspired them.


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