Pregnant and Parenting Youth

A group of diverse young people.

Online Guide Helps Programs Prevent Teen Pregnancy Among Youth in Foster Care
Discover ways to target teen pregnancy prevention for youth in the child welfare system.

A young researcher.

Q&A: Building the Evidence Base for Preventing Pregnancy Among High-Risk Youth
Three FYSB grantees are partnering with Mathematica to measure the results of their programs.

A young man reads from a tablet.

Top NCFY Content of 2015
See which articles were most popular in 2015.

Pregnant young woman.

How Is Teen Pregnancy Different for Homeless Youth?
Learn what research says about the causes and risk factors associated with homeless youth pregnancies.

Young parents walk with their toddler in a park.

5 Resources to Support and Empower Teen Parents
Learn about organizations and campaigns across the country working to help teen parents succeed.

Students in a classroom

Creating Sexual Health Classrooms Inclusive of Teen Parents
Three training experts share ways to empower and engage teen parents and their allies.

A nurse comforts a pregnant woman.

Working With Survivors of Domestic Violence Who Are Pregnant
An online toolkit from the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Programs and the Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence presents an integrated, multidisciplinary approach.

Mother and baby playing.

How Can We Improve Attachment Between Mothers and Children From One Generation to the Next?
Research shows that by answering a series of questions, mothers dealing with past trauma can help their children bond with others.

Children in a Head Start program.

Department of Health and Human Services Invites Public Comment on Proposed Head Start Rules
The changes represent the first holistic revision and complete reorganization of the Head Start Program Performance Standards since they were originally published in 1975.

A young father holds his baby.

Q&A: What Young Fathers Need
We need to start viewing young dads as parents, says researcher Mark Kiselica.


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