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Runaway and Homeless Youth

A young woman using the National Runaway Safeline's live chat.

From the National Runaway Safeline: Janet’s Story of Abuse
A young woman uses the National Runaway Safeline live chat service to find a way out of a physically and emotionally abusive home environment.

ACYF Commissioner Rafael López

Rafael López: Working together to ensure the well-being of America's youth
Commissioner Rafael López discusses recent developments in the Administration on Children, Youth and Families.

Young people graduating university.

College Readiness Programs Lead to Success for San Francisco Homeless Youth
Adventure Awaits at Larkin Street Youth Services helps young people accomplish job and college readiness, GEDs, post secondary school enrollment and more.

A group of diverse teens.

Peer Groups Affect Substance Use in Homeless Youth
Researchers conducted in-depth interviews with 19 homeless youth ages 16 to 21 from three Midwestern cities to discover how homeless youth perceive social norms related to substance use among their peers.

A young woman uses a phone app to locate a pop-up care village.

Pop-Up “Care Villages” Combine Services with Dignity and Engagement for Homeless Youth
New approaches to one-stop shops combine services with initiatives that promote dignity, peer empowerment, and engagement.

A youth worker negotiating with a young person.

To Give and Receive: Gina Martin
Gina Martin, the director of outreach services at Covenant House New Orleans, shares advice about how she, and others, can make sure they're making an impact on youth they serve.

A young person taking photographs.

Youth Creativity Raises Funds and Spreads Message
Learn how a Runaway and Homeless Youth Program grantee combined youth engagement and fundraising efforts.

A young person bundled up against cold winter weather.

Tips for Working With Youth Who Have Had Contact With Multiple Systems
Learn strategies for helping youth who have had contact with multiple systems thrive.

A young woman writing poetry.

Teaching Poetry to At-Risk Youth
Discover resources for starting a poetry writing group with young people.

A concerned man makes a telephone call.

From the National Runaway Safeline: A Parent of a Runaway Teen Shares His Experience
Learn what steps a parent should take when a youth runs away from home.


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