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Runaway and Homeless Youth

A concerned man makes a telephone call.

From the National Runaway Safeline: A Parent of a Runaway Teen Shares His Experience
Learn what steps a parent should take when a youth runs away from home.

Storage lockers.

Storage for Homeless Young People Promotes Health, Employment, Stability
Learn how youth- and family-serving organizations can provide free storage spaces to runaway and homeless youth.

James Bolas

The Impact of Services on New York Runaway and Homeless Youth: An Interview with James Bolas
James Bolas discusses research conducted around New York state about the impact of runaway and homeless youth services on the youth who use them.

Homeless Teenage Girl On Street With Rucksack.

The Role of Childhood Abuse on Street Victimization and Housing Instability
Researchers investigate whether and how growing up with multiple caretakers and experiencing different types of abuse affect youth’s housing stability and victimization while homeless.

Two young people training at a bakery.

Social Enterprises Provide Valuable Job Training and a Sense of Purpose for Homeless Youth
Learn how to start a business that helps young people gain employment skills.

ACYF Commissioner Rafael López

Personal Perspectives: Commissioner Rafael López
ACYF Commissioner Rafael López shares how his experiences and family play a role in his work with the Family and Youth Services Bureau and the Children's Bureau.

Meditation Pose at Ashram

Is Teaching Mindfulness to Homeless Students Helpful?
Learn if an eight-week mindfulness course delivered in a classroom would improve coping faculties among middle-school youth.

A young person running away through a tunnel.

Q&A: Serving Homeless Youth Who Run Away from Foster Care
Learn how to partner with your local child welfare agency to provide services for runaway foster youth.

A worried young man.

From the National Runaway Safeline: Jack's Runaway Teen Story
A young man kicked out of his home for being gay reaches out to the Family and Youth Services Bureau's national communication system for runaway and homeless youth.

A young person with cash in their jeans pocket.

How do Homeless Young Men and Women Cope Differently with Adversity and Generating Income?
Discover how gender differences are related to homeless youth’s stressors, coping strategies, and types of employment (i.e., legal or illegal).


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