Runaway and Homeless Youth

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National Runaway Prevention Month: LGBTQ Youth
Learn how you can help prevent LGBTQ youth victimization and homelessness.

A smiling young person.

You Can Get the Help You Need: L's Story
Watch the story of one youth who found help through the National Runaway Safeline.

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National Runaway Prevention Month: System-Involved Youth
Learn how to change the prevalence of homelessness among system-involved youth.

Kaysie Getty

To Give and Receive: Kaysie Getty
Kaycie Getty shares advice that helped her through her time without stable housing and thoughts about what service providers can do to help other at-risk youth.

Young people on the street.

National Runaway Prevention Month: Homeless Youth and Trafficking
Learn how overnight stays at drop-in centers help protect runaway and homeless youth from exploitation.

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National Runaway Prevention Month: Homeless Youth and Abuse
Learn how an abusive home can drive young people to run away.

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National Runaway Prevention Month: Promoting Awareness
Discover some easy ways to spread the word about National Runaway Prevention Month throughout your network.

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How Does Gang Involvement Impact Health Outcomes of Homeless Youth?
Researchers examined the impact gang involvement has on homeless youth health outcomes, such as exposure to trauma, mental health, sexual behavior, and substance use.

Participants in a point-in-time count.

Recommendations for Counting Homeless Youth and Surveying Their Needs
As part of YouthCount! 2.0, researchers examined methods of counting and surveying homeless young people to find out which were most effective.

A mentor guides her mentee in an art project.

Staff with Mentor Roles Enhance Housing Programs for Transition Age Youth
Learn how your organization can incorporate mentorship into your youth housing program.


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