Runaway and Homeless Youth

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Fostering Successful Transitions to Adulthood Through Collaboration
This issue of the Exchange looks at the Administration on Children, Youth and Families' campaign to encourage collaboration between programs that help foster and homeless youth transition to independence.

Photograph of a young woman with a young man in the background.

Addressing the Complexities of Family and Relationship Violence
This issue of NCFY Reports looks at how to work with youth who have experienced family and relationship violence .

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Youth Speak Out: 'My Whole Life's Been a Story'
A young man describes how a street outreach worker gave his life meaning.

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Street Outreach Programs Reach Out to Youth With Diverse Needs
This issue of NCFY Reports explores the conditions of young people living on the streets as well as the dangers street outreach workers face and how programs can minimize those dangers.

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Aftercare: Staying in Touch With Youth After They Have Left the System
In this issue of NCFY Reports, we take a look at how Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs continue to serve young clients after they leave the system and provides tips on facilitating successful transitions to adult independent living.

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Linking Education and Employment for Brighter Futures
This issue of NCFY Reports explores how youth-serving agencies are linking education and employment to create brighter futures for runaway and homeless youth.


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