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A young woman wearing a winter coat.

National Runaway Prevention Month 2015: 6 Questions to Identify Youth at Highest Risk of Long-Term Homelessness
A triage tool helps agencies give housing to young people with the strongest need.

Laurel Edinburgh

National Runaway Prevention Month 2015: 10 Questions to Screen Runaway Youth for Sexual Abuse
Researchers and police teamed up to create and test 10 questions that screen runaway youth for sexual abuse.

A young person looking sad.

Working with Homeless Youth Who Have Experienced Sexual Violence
Learn how to build trust and strengthen relationships with youth with histories of sexual trauma.

A girl looks sad.

Working with Children Exposed to Violence
We share three resources designed to help families heal.

A happy young couple walking outdoors.

Research Roundup: Family-Based Approaches to Preventing Teen Dating Violence
Learn about two prevention programs that begin at home.

A young person wearing a tie-dye t-shirt.

Q&A: Making Anti-Violence Programs More Welcoming for Transgender Survivors
We talk to researcher Kristie Seelman about new findings and steps programs can take to be more inclusive.

A hurricane.

Free Resources: Supporting Youth and Families During Disasters
Discover all the tips and guides available to help your organization prepare for emergencies.

A rural couple sit in front of their home.

5 Ways to Help Rural Youth Get and Keep Housing
Learn how unaccompanied and homeless rural youth can find housing.

Two young people walking on a dirt road.

NCFY Reports: Getting Creative with Youth Housing
It’s the goal of any program serving at-risk or homeless youth: get young people off the streets and into a safe place of their own. But obstacles are always there, from regional and demographic challenges to a lack of available, affordable housing.

A smiling young man.

What Makes Sex Ed Inclusive of LGBTQ Youth?
Thirty LGBTQ youth share their experiences with school-based sex ed, and what they'd like to see in the ideal curriculum.


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