A fireman protects a young child.

Bright Idea: Give Youth a 'Safe Place' to Go
A restaurant, a fire station or a library could save a young person’s life. In more than 1,500 communities across the nation, these and other sites have been designated “Safe Place locations” where young people can go when they have nowhere else to go

Photograph of a young man reading a book.

Bright Idea: Using Literature to Prevent Relationship Violence
Lessons about violence, power, hatred, love and respect are everywhere – from the classic Zora Neale Hurston novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God" (a staple of high-school English classrooms) to contemporary movies, music and television.

View of a Hurricane from above.

Youth Speak Out: When Disaster Strikes
NCFY interviews a young man who has survived hurricanes, tropical storms and floods in his native Florida.

Emergency supplies, including a first aid kit, candles, a phone, and bottled water

Bright Idea: Pack Now In Case Disaster Strikes
 Summer is here—and so are hurricane, tornado and wildfire seasons in many parts of the country. It’s the perfect time to create a disaster plan for your youth program.

Photograph of a smiling young woman.

Youth Speak Out: A Long Road to Healing
A young woman talks about surviving acquaintance rape at age 17 and gives advice about how to get help after sexual assault or rape.

Photograph of a young woman with a young man in the background.

Addressing the Complexities of Family and Relationship Violence
This issue of NCFY Reports looks at how to work with youth who have experienced family and relationship violence .


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