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A young businesswoman.

Exploring Whether and How to Help Youth Be Their Own Bosses
Researchers talk to young people about their interest in, and barriers to, entrepreneurship programs.

A young Hispanic woman.

More Social Services May Lead to More Sources of Income for Hispanic Teen Mothers
Learn how upping in-person interaction between social workers and Hispanic teen moms may help these young moms become more self-sufficient.

A smiling family.

Build a Logic Model on the Child Welfare Information Gateway
Map out what you do, why you do it, what you hope to achieve, and how you will measure achievement.

A young woman wearing a graduation cap and gown and holding a baby.

5 Tips for Supporting Young Mothers' Road to College
Advice from staff at The Care Center, a comprehensive college preparation program for teen moms in Holyoke, MA.

A young person shakes hands with a job interviewer

Q&A: American Youth Policy Forum on Transitioning Youth from Foster Care
Creating Access to Opportunities for Youth in Transition from Foster Care, a new policy brief from the American Youth Policy Forum, identifies three key areas where youth need support.

A young man stands on a university campus.

Help Would-Be First-Generation Students Get Support for Their College Dreams
Two websites offer resources and a sense of community to young people aiming to be the first in their families to pursue higher education.

A young women holds money on a college campus.

4 Ways to Help Homeless Students Overcome Barriers to Scholarship Funding
Advice from Cyekeia Lee, director of higher education initiatives at the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth.

Jessica McCormick

NCFY Voices: Making it From the Streets to the Classroom
Jessica McCormick explains how service providers can better help homeless youth reach college and succeed there.

Statue of justice holding a scale and a sword.

Bright Idea: An Arizona Partnership Gives Young People 'In-House' Legal Counsel
A unique collaboration between a youth-serving organization and a nonprofit law firm is helping homeless young people clear legal hurdles.


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