Teen Pregnancy Prevention

A young person wearing a red hoodie.

PREP Program Helps Counter Sex Trafficking in Houston
Learn how a Personal Responsibility Education Program in Texas is helping to counter domestic youth trafficking.

A young woman texting.

Developing Youth Leadership Within Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs
Learn how staff can work with young people to foster youth leadership.

A youth worker comforts a young woman.

New Trainings in Georgia Address Child Sex Trafficking
A FYSB State PREP grantee educates foster care parents and youth workers on the risk factors and warning signs of child sex trafficking.

Two Native American young people talking on a school campus.

Adapting Evidence-Based Sexual Health Interventions to Make Them Culturally Relevant for Native American Youth
Learn how researchers adapted an evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention intervention to better serve the needs of Native American youth.

A Native American teen smiling.

"Native It’s Your Game" Focuses on Native Youth and Pregnancy Prevention
Discover how an evidence-based sexual health and life skills program helps Native American and Alaskan Native youth learn to make healthy decisions.

A health professional treats a teenage girl.

Connecting Youth in Foster Care to Sexual Health Services
Nadine Finigan-Carr, a research assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, shares hurdles youth in foster care encounter when seeking sexual health services and resources.

A diverse group of teen boys.

Grantee Spotlight: Pregnancy Prevention Awareness for Teen Boys
Read about how the Iowa Department of Public Health is encouraging boys to make wiser and more responsible decisions by implementing the “Wise Guys Male Responsibility Curriculum.”

A mother puts her arm around her teen daughter.

Engaging Parents in Teen Pregnancy Prevention Efforts
Kathleen Courtney, a program advisor with the Arkansas Department of Education, shares how she used funding from FYSB's Personal Responsibility Education Program to teach local schools the best ways to engage parents in teen pregnancy prevention efforts.

ACYF Commissioner Rafael López

Rafael López: Working together to ensure the well-being of America's youth
Commissioner Rafael López discusses recent developments in the Administration on Children, Youth and Families.

Diverse high school students.

Working with Schools on Teen Pregnancy Prevention
Sanford Johnson and Josh McCawley from Mississippi First share how they've worked with school districts to implement teen pregnancy prevention around their state.


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