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Trauma-informed Care

Young people sitting on the front steps of a drop-in center.

5 Collaborations to Ensure Trauma-Informed Care for Youth and Families
Learn about five types of people you can work with to help youth who have experienced trauma.

A mom holding her toddler

Q&A: Helping Traumatized Moms Become More Secure in Themselves
Research shows that women can form healthy attachment with their children by starting to work on unresolved trauma.

A young woman with a supportive adult.

New Partners in the Fight Against Trafficking
From youth workers who are themselves former victims to mobile awareness campaigns and online tools, this is what anti-trafficking work looks like at a pivotal moment.

A man watches the Freedom Drivers video against trafficking.

Slideshow: Taking Trafficking Out of the Shadows
The Freedom Drivers Project, a mobile exhibit of trafficking statistics and personal effects from survivors, spreads awareness of the human cost of commercial sexual exploitation.

Mother and baby playing.

How Can We Improve Attachment Between Mothers and Children From One Generation to the Next?
Research shows that by answering a series of questions, mothers dealing with past trauma can help their children bond with others.

Young woman standing on a city sidewalk.

6 Questions to Identify Youth at Highest Risk of Long-Term Homelessness
A new triage tool helps agencies give housing to young people with the strongest need.

A young woman with a headache.

Many Homeless Youth Experience Traumatic Brain Injury, Study Shows
Youth with traumatic brain injury became homeless at a younger age.

Jessica Petrikowksi

'I'm an Artist': How Creativity Heals Trauma
At A Reason To Survive in San Diego, young people find their voice and their strength through painting, music, and other creative pursuits.

A young woman looking off to the side.

Ask the Clearinghouse: Trauma-Informed Early Engagement
Learn how to ensure that your organization's every interaction with young people is trauma-informed, right from the start.


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