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Trauma-informed Care

image of a sign that reads Music Is My Life

An Art Exhibit by Homeless Youth Displays Their Love of Music, Their Creativity and Their Humanity
One hundred twenty-nine formerly homeless young people designed fictional instruments, and an exhibition of their sketches is starting conversations all over Washington state.

Photograph of a young woman holding her small dog.

Bright Idea: A Pet-Friendly Domestic Violence Shelter Lets Survivors Keep Their Four-Legged Friends
At the domestic violence shelter run by Family Assistance Program in Victorville, CA, there’s a dog run in the yard and waterproof flooring and doggy doors in two of the five rooms.

Photograph of a mother with two sons.

Voices from the Field: How Mothers With PTSD Raise Trauma-Prone Children
Claude Chemtob studied dozens of traumatized young mothers and found that their experiences made their children more prone to suffer traumas of their own.

logo, New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Q&A: Pamela Wiseman of the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The executive director of New Mexico's main source for domestic violence training says that trauma is at the heart of her state's problems.

Photograph of Peg Dierkers.

Q&A: Peg Dierkers of the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence
The executive director of the nation's first statewide domestic violence relief organization speaks about challenges old and new.

Photograph of a young woman, and the text Guide to Starting a Youth Program

Want to Start a Youth Program? Get Going Today With Our All-New Guide
We’re excited to unveil a new, interactive version of our “Guide to Starting a Youth Program.” It’s the only resource of its kind specifically developed for people (both adults and teens) who want to work with youth and help improve their well-being—and their futures.

Photograph of a woman talking to a young man as he eats breakfast.

Six Ways You Can Help Youth During National Runaway Prevention Month--and Beyond
To mark National Runaway Prevention Month, we're highlighting essential advice for preventing young people from leaving home and helping them when they do.

Photograph of a young woman with her arm around her mother.

Research Roundup: Understanding How Violence Spreads Across Generations
Three new reports dig into the reasons why children of violent parents tend to become violent adults themselves.

Photograph of two young Latina women standing arm in arm

Q&A: Jessica Nunan of Caminar Latino on Listening to and Empowering Youth Affected by Domestic Violence
Jessica Nunan discusses her counseling work with young people who have witnessed domestic violence, and the specific needs of that population.

A helping hand is offered to a troubled young person.

How To Help a Young Person Who Has Witnessed Domestic Violence
Chris Newlin, executive director of the National Children's Advocacy Center, takes us step by step through the intake process for a young person who has witnessed violence at home.


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