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Trauma-informed Care

Laurel Edinburgh

National Runaway Prevention Month 2015: 10 Questions to Screen Runaway Youth for Sexual Abuse
Researchers and police teamed up to create and test 10 questions that screen runaway youth for sexual abuse.

A young woman with a backpack sits against a brick wall.

#NCFYtalk: Complex Trauma and Homeless Youth
Join us November 20 at 2 p.m. Eastern for a Twitter talk on complex trauma contributing to--and resulting from--youth homelessness.

A girl looks sad.

Working with Children Exposed to Violence
We share three resources designed to help families heal.

Footprints on a beach.

Free Online Guide Provides Tips for Incorporating Trauma-Informed Practices Into Staff Trainings
Learn about components you can add to trainings to keep staff safe and grounded.

Young people sitting in a student lounge area.

How to Create a Support Group for LGBTQ Youth
Learn how to make a safe space for LGBTQ youth to share about their lives.

Rebecca Hines demonstrating a meditation exercise

Take 5: A Guided Meditation for Youth Workers
Watch this video when you need to take a quick break from your work with families and youth.

Teacher standing in front of chalkboard.

5 Tips for Providing Trauma-Informed Sex Education
Learn how to successfully communicate with youth about sexual health.

Young people sitting on the front steps of a drop-in center.

5 Collaborations to Ensure Trauma-Informed Care for Youth and Families
Learn about five types of people you can work with to help youth who have experienced trauma.

A mom holding her toddler

Q&A: Helping Traumatized Moms Become More Secure in Themselves
Research shows that women can form healthy attachment with their children by starting to work on unresolved trauma.

A young woman with a supportive adult.

New Partners in the Fight Against Trafficking
From youth workers who are themselves former victims to mobile awareness campaigns and online tools, this is what anti-trafficking work looks like at a pivotal moment.


9-5 pm Eastern