Trauma-informed Care

Photograph of a teen boy working in an industrial kitchen

Look Beneath the Surface
A new informational video created by the Campaign to Rescue & Restore Victims of Human Trafficking asks youth workers to “Look Beneath the Surface.”

Photograph of Allison Elias.

Voices From the Field: Allison Elias
Allison Elias, a social worker and therapeutic crisis intervention trainer, talks about her research on the effects of childhood trauma on older youth who are on the cusp of transitioning to adulthood.

Photograph of a teen girl with her hands around her face.

Primary Sources: Preventing and Treating Trauma in Young People
A new article from the Justice Policy Institute tackles why it makes sense to invest in trauma-informed care for children and youth. 

View of a Hurricane from above.

Youth Speak Out: When Disaster Strikes
NCFY interviews a young man who has survived hurricanes, tropical storms and floods in his native Florida.


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