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Diverse young people.

Make Your Organization More Culturally Competent
A new brief from the Administration for Children & Families' Office of Planning, Research & Evaluation provides an overview of cultural competence for organizations serving children and families from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds.

logo, Double Duty Dad

This Father's Day, Encourage a Terrific Father to Spread His Knowledge
The Fatherhood Initiative offers many resources for active fathers and dads who may be navigating the juridical system.

A smiling young Latina mother and her child.

Primary Sources: Social Support Makes African American and Hispanic Teen Moms Less Depressed and Better Able to Cope with Stress
Researchers Cindy Y. Huang, Jessica Costeines, Joy S. Kaufman, and Carmen Ayala from Yale School of Medicine and Bridgeport Public Schools investigate the influence of parental stress and levels of social support on young mothers’ depression and their infants’ development.

Drawing of a leafless tree under clouds transforming into a leafy tree in the sun.

2014 Mural Contest Third-Place Winner: From Overcast Skies to Sunshine
Congratulations to Rumford Group Homes, in Rumford, ME, whose youth artists took third place in the 2014 Family & Youth Services Bureau Mural Contest for Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs.

Thumbnail image of LA Gay and Lesbian Center mural entitled a good community is always there

Presenting the 2014 Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Mural Contest Winners
The Family & Youth Services Bureau's annual mural contest this year drew nine inspiring, youth-made designs from Runaway and Homeless Youth Program grantees around the country.

A diverse group of happy young people.

Primary Sources: Integrated Employment and Mental Health Services -- How Well Do They Work For Homeless Youth?
A researcher collaborated with two social services agencies in Los Angeles to investigate the effect on young people of two programs that combine employment and mental health services.

Young people on the street.

Most At Risk: Population-Based Approaches for Helping Trafficking Victims
Research shows that a focus on specific populations is the most effective way to help trafficking victims. We take a look at some of the most at-risk young people and how to serve them.

Diverse young people sitting on outdoor steps.

A Research-Based Guide to Helping Teens Deal With Drug Abuse
People are most likely to begin abusing drugs—and that includes tobacco, alcohol, and illegal and prescription drugs—as teens and young adults. Learn about ways to help teens struggling with addiction from a new guide by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

A FoodCorps AmeriCorps member shows children how to plant seedlings to grow food in a garden. (Photo courtesy FoodCorps)

Primary Sources: Community Service Boosts Young People’s Development—If It’s Done Right
A chapter in "Handbook of Child Well-Being" scans the research to pinpoint the factors that make community service beneficial for young people.


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