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Laurie Mazerbo

Q&A: How Homeless Youth Programs Can Benefit from Drug-Free Communities Funding
Apply now. This year's deadline for the program is March 18.

A teen girl talking in the school bathroom.

Set the Record Straight About Substance Use During National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week
Join hundreds of organizations around the country as they "shatter the myths" about alcohol and drug use.

A smiling police officer.

Organize Police-Youth Dialogues with This Online Toolkit
Get step-by-step guidance to facilitate discussions between young people and law enforcement.

A woman holding her dog.

Q&A: A New York Agency Shares the Benefits of Co-Sheltering Domestic Violence Survivors and Their Pets
We talked to Jennifer White-Reid from Urban Resource Institute, which recently published a white paper on its work offering pet-friendly apartments.

A doctor talking to a teen.

Resources to Put Youth and Doctors More At-Ease Talking About Sexual Health
Discover tools written specifically for young adults and their healthcare providers.

Health care worker attends to a young person.

An Onsite Clinic Builds Healthy Connections for Homeless Youth and Their Kids
See how Valley Youth House uses a new program to connect residents to health information and ongoing care.

A young person looking stressed.

Assessing Young People’s Stress Levels and Coping Skills
We share resources that spur the conversation around stress and how to manage it.

A young man offers a bouquet of flowers to his date

Do Risky Family Environments Impact Dating Relationships?
Researchers set out to explore how young couples may be shaped by their childhood experiences at home.

Young people join hands.

5 Things Youth in Recovery Need
We look at the supports that help youth recover from mental health and substance abuse issues.

Young people walking arm in arm.

Looking Beyond National Recovery Month to Help Youth
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration shares its toolkit, complete with year-round resources.


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