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A happy young woman.

Q&A: Stopping Intimate Partner Violence Before It Starts
The Indiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence is one of 10 DELTA FOCUS grantees engaging communities in primary prevention.

Two young women standing under a street lamp.

How Does Mindfulness Help Homeless Youth Stay Safe?
Researchers assess whether a mindfulness-based intervention can reduce the risk of physical or sexual assault.

Students gathered in a school assembly.

Take Part in National Youth Violence Prevention Week
There are dozens of ways for youth and adults to promote violence-free schools and communities.

Smiling young teens.

Implementing Mental Health Screenings for Children and Youth in Family Shelters
A shelter-based pilot program in Jacksonville, Florida, explores the possibility of connecting homeless children and youth to mental health services.

A box full of healthy produce.

6 Ways to Help Youth and Families Eat Nourishing, Low-Cost Meals
We recognize National Nutrition Month with a list of food-related resources.

A young man sitting with his chin on his folded arms.

Q&A: Removing Legal Barriers for LGBT Survivors of Violence
We talk to Cathy Bowman from Legal Services NYC about the needs and challenges faced by low-income members of New York's LGBT community.

A smiling young woman.

Toolkit for Service Providers Sheds Light on Youth Trauma, Resilience
“Trauma & Resilience: An Adolescent Provider Toolkit” is the last in a six-part series addressing the intersection of health and violence.

Young person doing carpentry

Q&A: For Homeless Youth, Volunteering Builds More than Resumes
A youth worker shares how volunteering can impact homeless youth’s well-being and what other agencies should know about connecting them to community service

Teen support group

How Can School-Based Support Groups Help Prevent Teen Dating Violence?
Researchers talk to Expect Respect group facilitators about their opportunities and challenges.

kids posing near a tree in the park

4 Ways to Prevent Violence By Promoting Healthy Relationships During Childhood
See how two organizations in Colorado and Michigan are teaching children about safe, respectful boundaries.


9-5 pm Eastern