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A bag of rocks.

Q&A: A Bagful of Rocks Helps Native Youth Deal With the Weight of History
Learn about an interactive exercise used by New Mexico's Tewa Tribe in their Tribal Personal Responsibility Education Program.

Mother and baby playing.

How Can We Improve Attachment Between Mothers and Children From One Generation to the Next?
Research shows that by answering a series of questions, mothers dealing with past trauma can help their children bond with others.

A sad young woman.

Q&A: How Trauma Affects Physical Health
A New Orleans researcher finds that the cells of traumatized youth are older than their years.

San Francisco LGBT Community Center's pride parade float.

Advance Your Agency's Mission by Participating in Pride Month
Community agencies share their ideas for mission-promoting pride activities.

Jessica Petrikowksi

'I'm an Artist': How Creativity Heals Trauma
At A Reason To Survive in San Diego, young people find their voice and their strength through painting, music, and other creative pursuits.

Young police officer.

Police-Youth Dialogues Can Build Trust, Relationships
Family- and youth-serving agencies can help get the conversations started.

A young couple.

What Leads Homeless Youth to Follow Through on Condom Use?
Researchers explore factors impacting young people's decisions about, access to and use of condoms.

A teen girl with a trusted adult.

From the Family Room Blog: Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy Disparities
Associate Commissioner William H. Bentley kicks off Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month by writing about the need for programs tailored to the lives of youth in foster care and the juvenile justice system.


9-5 pm Eastern