Photograph of a young person wearing a hoodie.

Primary Sources: Bolstering Mental Health Among Young People
Many young people need mental health services, but youth from particular groups may be more likely to experience poor mental health

Photograph of a doula.

Bright Idea: Doulas Support Young Moms
Most youth probably aren’t familiar with the word doula. But some young women have come to know its meaning quite profoundly.

Photograph of a young woman holding a bathroom scale.

Bright Idea: Healthy Competition Helps Youth Lose Weight, Gain Confidence
 As a case manager at Adams House, a transitional living program for older adolescent boys in Gastonia, N.C., Ed Smith is always looking for ways to keep residents active. .

View of a Hurricane from above.

Youth Speak Out: When Disaster Strikes
NCFY interviews a young man who has survived hurricanes, tropical storms and floods in his native Florida.

Emergency supplies, including a first aid kit, candles, a phone, and bottled water

Bright Idea: Pack Now In Case Disaster Strikes
 Summer is here—and so are hurricane, tornado and wildfire seasons in many parts of the country. It’s the perfect time to create a disaster plan for your youth program.

Photograph of a young woman with a young man in the background.

Addressing the Complexities of Family and Relationship Violence
This issue of NCFY Reports looks at how to work with youth who have experienced family and relationship violence .

Photograph of a bird totem.

Tribal Programs Harness Cultural Strengths to Improve Conditions for Families and Youth
This issue of NCFY Reports highlights a number of initiatives around the country that look to harness cultural strengths of Tribal communities to improve conditions for families and youth.


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