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Disparities in Early Learning and Development: Lessons from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study - Birth Cohort (ECLS-B)

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Halle, T.,
Forry, N.,
Hair, E.,
Perper, K.,
Wandner, L.,
Wessel, J.,
Vick, J.
Year Published: 2009
Paper/Research Report
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Child Trends
Child Trends

Despite growing concerns about the achievement disparities that children from at-risk backgrounds manifest at a young age, very little research has used nationally representative data to explore whether disparities are found within the first year of life, and whether disparities are evident across a wider range of developmental outcomes. These authors add to the body of knowledge by using data from a nationally representative sample of infants born in the year 2001 to examine multiple sociodemographic characteristics that may be associated with developmental disparities at 9 and 24 months of age. They examine developmental outcomes in three domains: cognitive development, general health, and social-emotional development. In this brief, they present findings on (a) disparities in each developmental domain associated with family income; (b) the prevalence of disparities by race/ethnicity, home language, and mother's educational attainment; and (c) disparities in developmental outcomes for children with only low income as a risk factor compared with those with multiple risk factors.

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