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Parenting and Homeless: Profiles of Young Adult Mothers and Fathers in Unstable Housing Situations

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Narendorf, S. C.,
Jennings, S. W.,
Maria, D. S.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
Journal Name: 
Families in Society
Volume: 97

Issue: 3
Publisher(s)/Affiliated Organizations: 
Alliance for Strong Families and Communities

Young adults who are pregnant or parenting are a vulnerable subgroup of the homeless population, yet there is limited research about their specific service needs. To fill this gap, these authors used data from a survey of homeless and unstably housed young adults (ages 18-24) in Houston, TX, to examine the characteristics, risk factors, and protective factors of homeless parents (n=109) compared to other homeless young adults (n=243), as well as differences between homeless mothers (n=61) fathers (n=48). They also identify unique risk and protective profiles for homeless parents, and highlight differences in those profiles between mothers and fathers. The authors conclude with a discussion of the implications for service delivery targeting the unique needs of young adult mothers and fathers who are homeless or unstably housed. Modified Author Abstract.

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