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Searching for Normal: The Story of a Girl Gone Too Soon

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Meadows, K.
Year Published: 2016
Publisher(s)/Affiliated Organizations: 
She Writes Press

In this book, the author shares the story of her teenage daughter Sadie’s struggle with mental illness, her suicide at age 18, and the family’s journey through the grief process. The purpose of the book, written by Sadie’s mother, is to generate awareness about the impact of mental illness on families and society, as well as the shortcomings of the nation’s mental health services and the medical and scientific communities’ ability to diagnose and treat mental illness effectively. Sadie’s voice, through her own writing, provides insight into an adolescent’s suffering caused by depression. The author’s voice articulates the challenges and fears of a parent facing her child’s mental illness diagnosis and treatment. She also provides information about resources and strategies for families facing the same challenges, and shares some recent initiatives and developments that offer hope for better diagnosis, treatment, and cures.

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