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Understanding the Attainment of Stable Housing: A Seven-Year Longitudinal Analysis of Homeless Adolescents

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Braciszewski, J. M.,
Toro, P. A.,
Stout, R. L.
Year Published: 2016
Journal Article
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Journal of Community Psychology
Volume: 44

Issue: 3
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Research on homeless young people has increased dramatically over the past two decades, yet little is known about the longitudinal course of youth homelessness. The current authors investigated the length of time to achieving housing stability after an episode of homelessness among 243 homeless adolescents followed for 7 years. Results indicate that the vast majority of youth returned to stable housing relatively quickly; however, early experiences of homelessness, even at participants’ young age, had a substantial negative effect on future housing. Youth from poorer neighborhoods and those identifying as ethnic minorities also took longer to achieve stable housing. The findings suggest that family reunification interventions may benefit homeless youth by preventing subsequent homeless episodes as well as improving their overall functioning. Modified Author Abstract.

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