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8 Tips to Help Youth Make the Most of Summer Jobs

Smiling young adult at a job interview.
Help youth write resumes and practice interviewing. Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice suggests that youth take their employment history and list of references with them when looking for work so they can apply for jobs on the spot.

Summer jobs can be a great way for young people to earn money, stay busy while they’re not in school, and begin or improve their resumes. But getting a job and succeeding at it can be challenging, especially for youth who are new to the workforce.

You can help them succeed by talking about what to expect from a summer job. In addition to your own career experiences, you can share resources like these tip sheets from the Northeast Massachusetts Community of Practice on ways to get and keep a job. The tip sheets cover some advice that may be obvious to experienced employees, but not to teens and young adults, such as asking before using a cell phone at work, making sure to arrive on time for each shift, and dressing appropriately.

Young people who have been homeless or in other at-risk situations may need extra help acclimating to the workplace. For FYSB’s Runaway and Homeless Youth grantees, this may mean providing extra training or supervision while youth learn soft skills, especially if they haven’t held a job before or aren’t used to a structured schedule. Formerly homeless youth may also need help getting the necessary identification to verify their employment eligibility and fill out tax forms.

Summer jobs can also be an important real-life lesson on the benefits of education, goal-setting, and money management. Since adulthood preparation subjects like these are an integral part of the services provided by FYSB’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention grantees, talking about summer jobs may help teens develop a vision of their future.

Even though summer jobs are temporary, they can play an important role in helping youth figure out what skills they have and what kind of work they enjoy doing. Websites like My Next Move and CareerOneStop help youth explore long-term career options. Learning about different jobs may also help youth understand what education is needed to be successful in the career they want.

Click through the slideshow above for more tips to consider when helping a young person find a summer job.

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