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NCFY Makes Finding Funding Opportunities Easy

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Are you constantly searching for funding? Are you trying to find monetary support that fits your organization’s needs and priorities? You are not alone. At the National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth (NCFY), funding is one of our most popular user topics. The funding page of the NCFY site often has the most visits, with 3,658 views in just April alone. We make it easy to regularly check for funding opportunities for your organization.

The NCFY Funding Opportunities page provides a curated list of options specific to organizations working in the areas of youth homelessness, teen pregnancy, and family violence. New opportunities from federal agencies, private foundations, and corporations are added weekly. Each listing provides the due date, funding organization or agency, applicant qualifications, application details, and link to the funding organizations’s website, as well as links to relevant NCFY articles and research library resources.

How to Best Use NCFY Funding Opportunities

  • Click on “Funding” in the main NCFY header.
  • Scroll through the list of over 50 opportunities.
  • Click on each link to review the general description, due date, and funding agency.
  • Access the direct link to the funder’s website for more detailed information on a specific opportunity.
  • Determine if the opportunity meets your organization’s needs.
  • Review the NCFY resources and research library links provided in each funding opportunity.
  • Check the opportunities regularly. The listings are updated weekly.

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