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News Archives

Young people sitting on and around a sofa in a drop-in center.

What Influences Drop-In Center Use Among Homeless Youth?

June 19, 2017

Researchers describe the characteristics of homeless youth who use drop-in centers and what factors contribute to drop-in center use.

A teenage boy on the streets with a rucksack.

How Likely are Homeless Youth to Find and Maintain Stable Housing Over Time?

June 12, 2017

Discover what research shows about young homeless people returning to stable housing.

Thumbnail image of the NCFY Funding Opportunities Page.

NCFY Makes Finding Funding Opportunities Easy

June 5, 2017

Use NCFY's Funding Opportunities page to find a curated list of funding options for your organization.

A pensive young person.

Raising Awareness and Promoting Treatment: PTSD Awareness Day and Month

June 1, 2017

Access campaign promotional materials and links to assessment and treatment options for PTSD and complex trauma in youth.

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