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Pregnant and Parenting Youth

A young mother snuggles with her baby.

Mental Health Resources for Moms
Teen mothers are almost twice as likely as adult mothers to experience postpartum depression and may have less access to health services or social support.

A teen mom feeding her baby.

Needs and Differences between Pregnant or Parenting Homeless Youth and their Peers
Researchers explore the experiences of pregnant and parenting homeless youth and examine the differences between parenting mothers and fathers.

A worried teen girl.

Do Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Teen Pregnancy Risk for Low Income Girls?
Read research comparing the risk for teen pregnancy among children living in poverty with and without a history of foster care.

Training at a community organization.

Resource Center Offers Skill-Building and Support for Young Parents
Learn about a peer-directed youth center that partners with community organizations to provide classes for teen mothers and fathers.

Two young people washing dishes in a restaurant.

Is Higher Minimum Wage Linked to Lower Adolescent Birth Rates?
According to this study, the answer is yes, particularly among non-Hispanic white and Hispanic adolescents.

A young mother holding her child.

How Does Early "Adultification" Affect Homeless Youth?
Learn how homeless young people's experiences with early "adultification" shaped their lives before and after they became homeless.

A mother comforts her child.

Toolkit Teaches Young Parents Trauma-Sensitive Caregiving
Discover a guide staff can use to create parenting skills lesson plans.

A father kisses his baby.

Youth-Friendly Manual Shows New Fathers the Ropes
Discover a guide that provides great material for educating young dads about fatherhood.

A child gives a card to their father.

Federal Clearinghouse Supports Strong Fathers, Families
Learn about the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse, funded by the ACF Office of Family Assistance.

A young mother holding her new baby.

Q&A: Using the HEART Program to Integrate Medical and Mental Health Care for Teen Moms
We talk to Bethany Ashby about the program's work to provide comprehensive services for pregnant and parenting youth.


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