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Relationship Violence

A serious young man.

New Resource for Professionals Working to Prevent Child Abuse
Learn to recognize the signs of child abuse and how to serve youth who have been victims this Child Abuse Prevention Month.

A young woman watching a webinar.

Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors Through Economic Advocacy
Learn how to support survivors of domestic violence through economic advocacy, an alliance between survivors and advocates that addresses survivors’ needs for both physical and economic safety.

Young people participating in program planning.

Why Should Adolescents Develop and Implement Violence Prevention Programs?
Explore research showing that young people should be involved in developing and implementing violence prevention programs.

An African-American grandfather with his two grandsons.

The Role of Fathers in Reducing Dating Violence and Sexual Risk Behaviors
Researchers explore the impact fathers have on reducing dating violence and sexual risk behaviors among African American youth.

FVPSA Addresses the Intersection of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence
A report from the Family Violence Prevention and Services Program (FVPSA) at FYSB highlights the nexus between domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking.

Native American mother with baby

Launching the First National Helpline for Native Survivors of Partner Violence
Explore the launch of the first national helpline for Native survivors of domestic and dating violence.

A father has a conversation with his child.

Free Conversation Toolkit Helps Young People Stay Safe
Learn how to discuss sensitive topics like cybersafety, healthy relationships, and bullying with young people.

Love is patient, gentle, respectful, and kind: not abusive.

Participate in Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Learn about six events you can join to raise awareness about interpersonal violence among youth.

A young couple.

Resources for Youth To Address Relationship Abuse Year-Round
Learn about opportunities for young people to get involved in youth-led teen dating violence prevention campaigns.


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