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Runaway and Homeless Youth

A young mother snuggles with her baby.

Mental Health Resources for Moms
Teen mothers are almost twice as likely as adult mothers to experience postpartum depression and may have less access to health services or social support.

Smiling young adult at a job interview.

8 Tips to Help Youth Make the Most of Summer Jobs
Summer jobs can be a great way for young people to earn money, stay busy while they’re not in school, and improve their resumes. But getting and succeeding at a job can be challenging, especially for youth who haven’t had a job.

A youth worker seeking database results.

Using the National Youth in Transition Database Survey Results
Runaway and homeless youth service providers can use results from the National Youth in Transition Database to help inform transition planning and services offered.

Young people sitting on and around a sofa in a drop-in center.

What Influences Drop-In Center Use Among Homeless Youth?
Researchers describe the characteristics of homeless youth who use drop-in centers and what factors contribute to drop-in center use.

Courtney Smith

To Give and Receive: Courtney Smith
Courtney Smith shares advice that helped her obtain an education while homeless.

A teenage boy on the streets with a rucksack.

How Likely are Homeless Youth to Find and Maintain Stable Housing Over Time?
Discover what research shows about young homeless people returning to stable housing.

A smiling woman.

Resources To Build Financial Independence
Everyone can benefit from resources that target financial abuse and address how to build financial independence.

Thumbnail image of the NCFY Funding Opportunities Page.

NCFY Makes Finding Funding Opportunities Easy
Use NCFY's Funding Opportunities page to find a curated list of funding options for your organization.

A pensive young person.

Raising Awareness and Promoting Treatment: PTSD Awareness Day and Month
Access campaign promotional materials and links to assessment and treatment options for PTSD and complex trauma in youth.

A teen mom feeding her baby.

Needs and Differences between Pregnant or Parenting Homeless Youth and their Peers
Researchers explore the experiences of pregnant and parenting homeless youth and examine the differences between parenting mothers and fathers.


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