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Teen Pregnancy Prevention

TOP staff wearing youth-designed T-shirts.

Adapting Teen Outreach Program for Youth in Community Foster Care
Learn how a Competitive Personal Responsibility Education Program in Indiana uses an approved adaptation of the evidenced-based Teen Outreach Program for foster youth.

A young person talking with her health care provider.

What are Teens’ Attitudes Toward Sexual Health Information?
Investigators reveal new research on young people's values and beliefs about if and when to have sex.

African American young people.

Abstinence Club Helps African American Youth Avoid Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Infections
Read about how researchers used youth input to create "2 HYPE Abstinence Club."

A young African-American person carrying a rucksack in a rural field.

How Can an Evidence-Based Sexual Health Intervention Be Adapted for Rural African American Youth?
Learn how rural African American youth in Georgia responded to a sexual education program tailored for them.

Smiling young adult at a job interview.

8 Tips to Help Youth Make the Most of Summer Jobs
Summer jobs can be a great way for young people to earn money, stay busy while they’re not in school, and improve their resumes. But getting and succeeding at a job can be challenging, especially for youth who haven’t had a job.

A young person calling for test results on the phone.

What Factors Make Foster Youth More Vulnerable to Adverse Sexual Health Outcomes?
Read about three strategies facilitators can implement to improve the delivery of sexual health curricula to current and former foster youth.

A worried teen girl.

Do Child Abuse and Neglect Affect Teen Pregnancy Risk for Low Income Girls?
Read research comparing the risk for teen pregnancy among children living in poverty with and without a history of foster care.

Teen couple holding hands.

5 Reasons Some Young Women Choose Abstinence
Learn why some young women choose to abstain from sex and how this knowledge can help prevent teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Two young people washing dishes in a restaurant.

Is Higher Minimum Wage Linked to Lower Adolescent Birth Rates?
According to this study, the answer is yes, particularly among non-Hispanic white and Hispanic adolescents.

A young person wearing a red hoodie.

PREP Program Helps Counter Sex Trafficking in Houston
Learn how a Personal Responsibility Education Program in Texas is helping to counter domestic youth trafficking.


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