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Woman Holding AIDS Awareness Ribbon

Research Network Focuses on HIV-Positive and At-Risk Youth
Research network partners with community-based organizations to support youth with HIV and those at risk for becoming HIV positive.

A healthcare professional listens.

Connecting Native Youth to Affordable Health Care
Learn about free resources providers can use to educate Native American youth about their expanded health care options.

Red HIV awareness ribbon.

World AIDS Day: Raising Young People’s Awareness About HIV and AIDS
Share resources on HIV and AIDS prevention with youth and staff.

Silhouettes of young people standing under a bridge.

How Does Gang Involvement Impact Health Outcomes of Homeless Youth?
Researchers examined the impact gang involvement has on homeless youth health outcomes, such as exposure to trauma, mental health, sexual behavior, and substance use.

A young person makes a call to a crisis line.

Resources for Year-Round Youth Suicide Prevention
Discover tools for raising awareness among staff about the youth behavior changes that indicate a young person may have suicidal thoughts.

A smiling young man.

Videos Provide Tears, Smiles, and Laughter to Youth in Recovery
Discover an extensive collection of short films that will help youth feel less alone in their recovery.

A young woman using an app on her phone.

Using Mobile Apps as a Tool for Self-Care
Use a personalized approach to mobile apps as a tool for your self-care practices.

stones on the beach

Webinar Introduces Mindfulness as Tool for Survivors of Interpersonal Violence
Watch a webinar about mindfulness practice to learn how your organization can implement it with staff and clients.

A young woman reviewing paper forms.

GAO Report: Homeless Youth Face Challenges Accessing Financial Aid
The nonpartisan agency that conducts research for Congress offers six recommendations for executive action.

A young person shakes hands with a potential employer.

Toolkit Helps Youth Craft Transition Plans for Exiting Foster Care
The online resource is a collaboration between the U.S. Departments of Education, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, and Labor.


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